Questions 10: Do you believe in yourself?


In a general sense, I believe in myself. I am confident in my abilities, my attractiveness, and my generally bubbly personality. These are all good things.

But I also deal with anxiety. And that comes from a whole whirlwind of a reinforcing loop cycle that gets at the core of this question for me. Do I believe in myself – when it matters? Do I believe in myself – when I’m not my best? When I feel unprepared? When I am somewhat (or totally) out of control?

These are the dark moments. Maybe you have them too. These are the thoughts that keep me from being my best. These are the thoughts that hold me back. And these are the thoughts that keep me too scared to ask for help.

The irony of these anxious moments is that I want to respond by running away, by climbing under the covers and watching Netflix for a month straight, to not engage. However, the only way I can regain the confidence and belief in myself is to go out and do things, to interact, to kinda f— things up and find out that it doesn’t kill me.

Managing this balancing act of highs and lows to come out on the top of my personal mountain is great practice for me when I get to be a cheerleader for someone else. I believe that I am more empathetic and forgiving because of it. And that’s something good to believe in.


Note: I’ve started a practice for the rest of 2016. Each day I will respond to a (hopefully) thought-provoking question about the development of a purpose-driven career and life. And I’ll attempt to respond in just about exactly 100 words. Brevity, clarity and honesty are the goals.

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This post was inspired by 100 Essential Questions That Will Change Your Career Path (for the Better)

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