Question 7: Do you believe that you can love what you do and make money doing it?


Yes, absolutely! I have always been a person who has to love what I do – at least some of it and at least most of the time. That could be the work itself or the people I work with. I’ve found that when I stop loving it AND I can’t dig deep and reconnect… well, that’s when it’s time for me to move on. Loving what I do for money is the same as loving a hobby or a pet or a romantic partner. I may fall in love easily, but keeping the love going is something I have power to control. When I acknowledge that I just don’t want to do the work to love it anymore… whatever it is… it’s time to let it go.


Note: I’ve started a practice for the rest of 2016. Each day I will respond to a (hopefully) thought-provoking question about the development of a purpose-driven career and life. And I’ll attempt to respond in just about exactly 100 words. Brevity, clarity and honesty are the goals.

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This post was inspired by 100 Essential Questions That Will Change Your Career Path (for the Better)

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