Question 5: Do you believe that making money will make you happy?

No. And when it comes to my career, I want what I do for money to make me happy. Money itself is a means, a placeholder for activities and products that hold value, not an end to be acquired.

Money, like time, is a resource that flows through my life and can be managed. I know that more money flowing through my life means that I have more options about what to do with that resource, but it also requires more planning and management.


Note: I’ve started a practice for the rest of 2016. Each day I will respond to a (hopefully) thought-provoking question about the development of a purpose-driven career and life. And I’ll attempt to respond in just about exactly 100 words. Brevity, clarity and honesty are the goals.

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This post was inspired by 100 Essential Questions That Will Change Your Career Path (for the Better)

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