Note: I’m starting a new practice today for the rest of 2016. Each day I will respond to a (hopefully) thought-provoking question about the development of a purpose-driven career and life. And I’ll attempt to respond in just about exactly 100 words. Brevity, clarity and honesty are the goals.

Question 1: What do you like to learn?

Honestly, learning is really hard. I have a lot of things that I’ve become really good at doing. And I like the confidence of not having to fail – especially publicly.

So, if I’m going to learn something new, I’d better be motivated.

I recently returned home from my first solo trip abroad and agree more than ever with Kevin Kelly’s assertion that: “Travel is still the most intense form of learning.” Frankly, I’m exhausted.

While I was traveling, I did come up with a list of things I am willing to fail to learn.

  • Spanish language. Duolingo tells me I’m already 23% fluent. Totally gonna make 100% happen.
  • Singing. Back in my choir and that’s good. Also, karaoke anyone?
  • Open-heartedness. Distance makes the heart grow fonder and I was really far from everyone I know for almost a month. Combine that with the warm welcome I received from total strangers? I want to be a source and model of love in my own world.

This post was inspired by 100 Essential Questions That Will Change Your Career Path (for the Better)

  1. Suggestion for an upcoming question: If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? (And how does this relate at all to a purpose driven career and life?)

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thanks for the idea, Brian. This reminds me of my time at Antioch. Out of curiosity, have you considered this question? If so, what kind of tree are you?

      • I actually was on the receiving end of this question during a job interview. I was just back from the Peace Corps and so the trees I was most immediately familiar with were trees in Paraguay. I told the interviewer that the tree I felt most resembles my personality was a mango tree because it’s both fashionable (they’re great, big, beautiful trees) and functional (they offer shade and relief from the heat… And provide delicious fruit too!). Plus, every once in a while they drop a mango right on your head (sometimes, for example, when you’re just trying to take a nap). But then you take a look at what just hit you in the head and realize you can’t be too angry with it because it totally serves a purpose.

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