Life-Work Wednesday | Where are you meeting resistance in your career right now? How can you change this?

I am in a phase of transition and learning. This means I am free from day-to-day frustrations, like uncooperative team members or getting passed over for the cherry assignment that could get me on the fast-track to the C-suite. YawHoo!

Instead, I am focusing on overcoming anxieties of learning totally new things. Remember when I was awesome and knew everything about what I was doing? Remember how I thought that was super boring? Umm, yeah.

Taking comfort in knowing that there is actually a learning curve with anything new, I’m considering how to leverage learning models (that I am familiar with!) to help keep me moving forward. For instance, how might I use 10-70-20?

The model of 10-70-20 dictates the proportion of different learning activities when developing a new skill. The first 10% is apportioned for book learning, classroom, lecture, or generally any sort of received learning. The next 70% is practical application, typically on-the-job-training or realistic simulations. The final 20% is learning from feedback, which typically includes input from a trainer, subject matter expert, or mentor. I would also consider self-reflection part of this final 20%.

EXAMPLE: Running Your First Business Meeting!

Received Learning – Watch a video or read an article about how to manage business meetings.

Practical Application – Create agenda.

Feedback – Review agenda with your manager or invitees to incorporate their feedback.

Practical Application – Run meeting according to agenda.

Feedback – Self-reflection about whether the meeting accomplished your goals. You can also incorporate feedback through a plus/delta process with invitees or through discussion with your mentor.

Congrats! Achievement Unlocked: Running Your First Business Meeting.

Notice that I’ve included two instances of Feedback (20%) to show the spiral nature of learning – you will likely loop back more times than this! And that is what I want to focus on most for my own pain points of resistance – jumping in, incorporating feedback, and iterating. Otherwise, I’ll probably spend the rest of my life reading instead of accomplishing.

Are you planning skill development using 10-70-20? Make sure to include a mix of all three types of learning, with the most time devoted to application (fail often to succeed sooner!). But don’t worry about splitting the time into the exact ratios. Unless you’re learning about ratios, then it would be an applicable exercise!

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