Life-Work Wednesday | Would you rather wait until you are completely prepared for something new or be thrown into it?

Each week, I post a #lifeworkwednesday question to social media. I’ve been doing this for about a year and some really fun(ny) discussions have resulted. This week, the responses were very thoughtful and earnest. Here are a few of my favorites.

Don’t stop until you hit the bottom of the page, where I’ll share my personal three-step process for approaching new situations.

I figure being completely prepared is impossible. Even what we think we know best can leave us surprised.
-Marnie S.

I say JUMP, smart people always stick the landing. 🙂
-Dave M.

I use a technique I call “intentional procrastination.” I know I will use all the time I give myself to do a task, so I estimate how long it *should* take and start it exactly that amount before the deadline. Then I can’t be overly perfectionist. Works like a charm.
-Shanna S.

I don’t mind being thrown in, if my “leader” is available for questions and guidance at least once a day.
-Ali C.

I kind of like being thrown into it. I wasn’t completely prepared for my current job when I started.
-Marla W.

Overall, the comments suggested that trying new things can be scary, but that fear can be alleviated through action. And that having a support system really helps!

Elizabeth’s Process (aka Semi-Prepared Method)

1. Intuition. I usually have a gut-reaction about how I would approach a new task, but my thoughts begin to cloud with doubt. Which leads me to…

2. Data Collection. I research and compare: 1) anything I can find written on the subject and 2) ask a trusted source or two to verify my findings. Warning: There will probably be spreadsheets! If this supports my initial gut reaction or helps me modify it, I’ll move to…

3. Action. I do basically what I wanted to do in the first, subtly weaving in my learning from Step Two.

I keep this process, because it has worked for me in the past. My jumper friends would probably tell me that I have too many steps.

What do you think? Too many or too few? Are you a fellow perfcrastinator? Or can you leap without looking?

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