Life-Work Wednesday | If life were a curriculum, what course would you enroll in next?

I acknowledge I have a big gap in my otherwise solid liberal arts background. I could be ashamed, try to brush over that dark time on my resume and move on. I could shine a shimmering light of perspective on it instead and hit the books to make up for it.

Or rather, hit the road. Or train track. Or air strip.

In my educational life, as well as my general life, I have never spent a semester abroad. The closest I got was a few planning meetings for a summer program in France. More tourist than educational anyhow. Besides, I stayed home and went to theatre camp instead.

So, now in my time of 1/3 life crisis (really optimistic about living to 100 here!), I turn back to the open road and the educational value of touring the world. I can watch all the road trip, spring break and Eat, Pray, Love movies in the world, but telling ain’t training and training ain’t doing.

Time to do my do. And enroll in the curriculum of the world.

But maybe I’ll watch Eat, Pray, Love a couple more times first. Just to be sure.

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Photo credit: IPFW International Programs

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