Common advice is given each year to leverage this week’s time change as a reminder to do more than just set our clocks forward.  Topping the list is guidance to check your smoke detectors and purge expired medication from your cabinets. But couldn’t the daylight saving time change become a reminder to do more than replace batteries and clean out shelf space in our bathrooms?  What would it mean to truly Spring Forward in your life?

These are the questions I’ve been pondering this week as my circadian rhythms budge to accommodate this odd agreement that we make twice a year to up and change the time. My answer to the first question is Yes! The answer to the second one is, much like life, a work in progress.

In these answers, there lies a challenge.

Are you up for it?  If you think it’s high-time to do some springing, start taking action today to make the days ahead brighter and not just longer.

Super-Secret Hacker’s Guide to Action (in a quick three-step process):

1) Dust off those dream boards, uncrumple your well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions, and spread out the contents of your bucket list.  Get it all out on the table so you can get a glimpse of all the ideas jumbling around in your noggin.

2) Pick one thing from this pile of your soon-to-be awesomeness. ONE THING!

3) Do that thing.

That’s it. Really. But, shhhh… Don’t tell.  Just get out there and make your brand of awesome a reality. And then mark your calendar to do the same thing next year.

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