I’ve often threatened that I’ll write a book someday. And when I do, it will be about the three most important things to keep in mind when working with others: expectations, expectations, and expectations! I haven’t made good on that promise yet, but blogging should be considered sufficient follow-through for the time being.

Aside from my opinion that most of the atrocities of humankind can and could have been avoided if there had been a mutual understanding of the other party’s expectations, having clear expectations for yourself is also an important element in creating a life filled with satisfaction. Since this is the first post in my new blog, I’m going to start out with a few expectations that I have, that help shape my experience of the world and provide the security of knowing my life is within my own control.

1) Expect great things from yourself. Your insight, experience and talents have more value when shared than you could ever imagine. Offer your voice to the world and be joyfully surprised in the responses you receive and the connections that are made.

2) Expect the best from others.  That means the best intentions and effort.  It does not mean you get to nit-pick them to death or expect that they can read your mind.

3) Expect that the future is bright and that anything worth laughing about five years from now is worth laughing off now.  Don’t underestimate the transformational power of laughter.

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