“I am running to be one of five commissioners that oversee and set direction for the Port, because I want to make sure we have strong leadership for:

  • operational excellence (we need to be a trusted and reliable resource for business and trade)
  • environmental accountability (meaning good stewardship of local resources and taking action to combat the effects of climate change)
  • economic justice (everyone deserves access to good jobs and social support systems for times of economic decline)
  • and effective collaboration (we must work together to develop solutions that work for all of us).”

~ Elizabeth Pew

The top three issues for my campaign are environmental accountability, economic justice, and COVID recovery. I believe strongly that these priorities build off of each other, where an increased focus on investing in clean technology and futurizing the Port will encourage the growth of good living-wage jobs. With proper outreach to unions, tribes, and community groups, we can together build a Port that is ready for the trade and technology of tomorrow. Focusing on historically marginalized groups and with an eye to economic and environmental justice, we can recover stronger than ever.